In 2017 (my second year of uni in the UK) a friend of mine needed me to be a face model for her makeup brand. Based on the details she sent me (outfit, location, date and time), I knew I needed to get a new top (one that wouldn't be seen in the final pictures). Well, straight to Primark then! I walked into Primark and tried on a few tops. I settled for a striped blue off-shoulder top priced at £12.

(Incase you want to see how the pictures turned out, I've attached some)

Fast forward to a year later, 2018, I had just arrived Nigeria. The plan was only to visit Nigeria for a month (I missed family) and return to the UK for my masters but...God had better plans.
I ended up staying in Nigeria for a lot longer. At this point, you should note that I only brought a month's worth of clothes. 3 months in and I had joined a church and even the media department. My department in the church had a dress code. That was the first nudging to get new clothes. I also started working and needed clothes for work; the second nudging.

Coming from the UK where I'm spoilt for choice online, I only knew how to shop online for anything and everything. The first shocker was that Instagram is "the online" in Nigeria. Then going on to check fashion retailers on Instagram... No way I could afford to get a whole wardrobe full of 20k tops and dresses. So I looked for a more affordable alternative. After days of searching, I found out I could buy more affordable clothes at the market. On my first market trip, please guess what I found guys... my £12 top for N500. Honestly wish I took a picture but, to be honest, you may or may not have seen it on your Instagram thrift seller's page.

I felt cheated!