If you ever catch me outside (probably never because I never go out 😅), I would most likely be wearing a smock dress with deep v-neck (because we are trying to hide this inverted V body shape, thank you!) and balloon sleeves. I can bet you'll never see me on skinny jeans or anything tight. I left that lifestyle a long time ago, please.

Back in uni, I would squeeze my thighs into my Topshop Joni jeans (the best btw. Grab them if you ever see them on Thrift It), force my body into the tightest bodysuit, and finish with a leather jacket that stopped my blood from flowing. I kid you not guys 🥲. I remember my favourite fashion brands were brands that sold anything that hugs my figure. WHY??? Let's not even talk about how much I hated ZARA because... what are those???

Well, that's not me anymore, at least not since 2018. Now, I choose comfort. I can sit here and type a lie but, to be honest, that change didn't happen on my own. I choose comfort now because I am free from the desire to look a certain way. I am free from the desire to be addressed as someone I am truly not. I am free to be me, to look like me, and above all, to be with the one who has always wanted to be with me; Jesus. Freedom that can only come through the salvation that Jesus gives.

There's something about being comfortable in your fit; not having to draw down your skirt, raise your slipping jeans or check if your bra strap is in the right position. Not to say that the tight-fitted clothing don't have their place but, free dresses are everything, at least for me.

That said, the freedom collection is for everyone, but I do not expect everyone to like it. It is a collection of free dresses, for ladies that value simplicity, comfort, freedom and sustainability. If this collection is for you, I would love to see how you style these amazing dresses with the hashtag #IchooseComfort. Please tag us @thriftitco 💛

As usual, I have attached pictures of the skinny jean struggle days 🙈 🙈 and, more importantly, the freedom collection launch photoshoot!